An Illamasqua Ombre Lip


Ombre Hair, Ombre Nails…and now, Ombre Lips are all the rage for Spring/Summer 2013! If done subtly and creatively, this look is a rather exciting one. It’s eye-catching, defining and can look exceptionally luxurious! It’s a look that’s unique and can be done using predominantly 2,3 or as many colours as you wish! Today I wanted to share with you Style lovers, my Ombre Lip, created using 3 of Illamasqua’s magical Lipsticks. I’ve wanted to try this for a while, and can honestly say that after trialling my first lip look, I’m quite impressed with the effect and look it gives. I wanted to create an Ombre look that was more pretty than ‘Poppy’, yet wanted to still display something that would equally give definition and strike! So, I went with shades of Pink & Purple and went from dark to light on each lip.

Ombre requires an eye for blending, however it’s much easier than first anticipated, you just have to go with your gut when deciding when to stop! To create this look, I took the darkest shade first. In this case, I used Illamasqua’s incredible lipstic, ‘Kontrol’ and lined my lips with it. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be a Professional Makeup Guru to create something like this, as it looks far more creative and challenging than it really is! (So believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of not being neat enough, as you can tidy any wobbly lines up once you’re done :D). I then took a more two-toned hot pink shade from Illamasqua and lined the centre of my lips with it, slightly over lapping Kontrol. Finally, take your lightest shade, I chose to use Illamasqua’s light, rose pink shaded lipstick, called ‘Liv’ and lined the inner of my lips with it, remembering to over lap over the centre colour. For the lightest shade, I found that you need to go over this a few times to really get the colour to show! And there you have it, your Ombre Lip! I’m sure there are many different ways of perfecting this fun look, but this is how I found it easiest to do, and I didn’t even need a lip brush, as I found to get a more defining colour, it is best to come straight from the actual Lipstick.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried out any Ombre experimental Lips lately, as I think it would look fab in so many different colours! Even an element of Black could look exquisite, paired with a bright orange or something! Ooo, the options! I’m also quite excited to wear an Ombre Lip on a night out soon, paired with a more neutral, monotoned outfit, allowing the Lips to really POP! So, do take a peak at the images below to see my finished look & let me know if you have trialled a bit o’ Ombre magic!

| Lipstick | Illamasqua |

| Necklace | Topshop |

| Grey Jumper | Topshop |



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