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i2style netatmo june

The summer season is almost upon us and many plans are being made, that admittedly, revolve around the sun! Whether it’s a holiday you’ve got booked, or plans to attend a festival, it’s now that we really need to think twice about the potential damage being done to our skin. With the health and wellness industry on the rise, and the wearable technology world set to boom, it’s products like the Netatmo June, that are truly going to make an impact!

i2style wearable technology

As a health conscious nation, we are aware of the implications the sun’s rays can cause to not only our insides, but on the outside too. It’s no lie that us beauty lovers have a strict skincare routine, to prevent those lurky lines and dry skin, and part of that routine includes putting on a number of anti-wrinkle creams and SPF included moisturisers, but probably don’t take as much time to put on that all important high factor sun cream…unless we’re beginning to feel the burn.

i2style wearable technology

Sending notifications to your smart phone, the June is an incredibly exciting new wearable device. With an opulent outer aesthetic and a killer inner intelligence system, using UVA and UVB sensors, the June is able to measure the amount of sun exposure to your skin, making it a pretty sassy way to monitor when you should be topping up on your sun protection and staying in the shade!

To my delight, the June is now available to buy in the beauty haven we call Space NK. Priced at £118, this nifty wearable piece is available in three classic colour ways, including gold, platinum and gunmetal. Using the free downloadable app, June is able to tell you when to re-apply SPF and at what level. A pretty valuable purchase if you think about the long term health benefits. This sort of device is something I know i’d check as much as my emails, especially when spending more and more time outdoors this summer.

i2style wearable technology

Vogue’s Sarah Brown: If you were stuck on a desert island forever and allowed one product, what would that product be?

“On a desert island: Sunscreen. And every other week a new delivery would be airdropped, probably by drone”.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the beauty industry meeting with wearable tech and if this type of product is at the top of your summer wish list!


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