Fresh faced, Natural New Year Makeup



A fresh face can be, well, refreshing! Though, saying that, I adore coating my lashes in mascara and making my eyes a statement, where everything else on my face is pretty bare. With Christmas coming to an end and the New Year approaching, I find it important to take the time to wind down, appreciate what I have around me and basically learn to love what you were born with and enhance features in a more neutral manner.

Like previously stated, my lashes are an element of my face that I enjoy ‘enhancing’ if you will. I never wear false eyelashes, (I have done, I just prefer not too and find that they can give me an overly heavy look), so finding a mascara that will give me a naturally volumising look, is all I need. In this case, shown in the images above and below, I chose to wear one of my favourite mascaras, Maybeline’s ‘The Falsies’. It lengthens and volumises in a rather beautiful and ‘un cakey’ way.

On my eyelids you may be able to see that I’m wearing a few neutral pinky colours from the Naked 3 palette! Before I applied, I prepped and primed my lids with the benefit Lemon aid primer, which is simply gorgeous! I was kindly bought this perfect Urban Decay palette for Christmas, and am loving it. I really love rose gold tones and this palette is full of them! A slight hint of shimmer is all I need for a naturally appealing look. I was also bought a few other items from Ted Baker for xmas, such as this black liquid felt tip like eyeliner, and a new benefit lipstick, which is a rather rare colour for me to wear! I usually go for deep reds, plums and peaches yet never seem to wear much pink, especially soft pink. But, for a change, I’m really enjoying wearing it :).

I’m looking forward to getting dressed back up for New Year, however in the day times, I think i’m going to be doing more of a natural makeup look, that enhances the features and the skin I was born with :). I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and do let me know what natural makeup products you’re loving this month! Also, I’m not sure if you can tell, but I bought myself a brand new camera and am very pleased with the results! In this instance I’ve not edited or touched my photos since I snapped them! I wanted a camera that took more crisp and clearer images, and this canon 700d does just that! Note – I was lucky enough to buy it on Sale, from Currys and used all of the money I received from Xmas to go towards it.


naked3 palette

 Extra Makeup Product info

Foundation | Rimmel’s Wake Me Up

Blush | Benefit’s Hoopla


  1. Katie December 31, 2013 / 11:24 am

    Lovely makeup. I’m so boring with mine, it’s only ever foundation and mascara. That doesn’t even change when I go out! lol.

    Happy New Year lovely,

    Katie <3

    • Holly December 31, 2013 / 11:49 am

      Thank you Katie, glad you like it. And oh you should, the lovely thing about Makeup is you can just put a hint of it here and there, and it will just lift you and give you that natural glow. Be daring this new Year and why don’t you try a bold new lip colour or something!? 😀

      Happy New Year <3

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