Sam Faiers ‘La Bella’ Launch!

Holly i2style and Sam Faiers

Holly i2style and Sam Faiers

TOWIE star, Samantha Faiers‘ recent debut of ‘La Bella’, is already proving to be a huge hit. With it becoming number 1 celebrity fragrance launch of 2014, it has topped the likes of One Direction and Britney, in just 3 weeks! (Wowza!). One of the exceptionally exciting aspects to interning at Grabble, mean’t that attending events, press days and being in the know, in regards to the latest Fashion and Beauty news, were key to networking opportunities and exciting Blog content for them. As a result, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend some, with the Sam Faiers ‘La Bella’ launch, being one of my first!

I adore an ever growing fragrance collection, and I also love the ever so humble lady behind my new favourite! Samantha Faiers has been known for her elegant and eye-catching style, which is another reason why I’m a huge fan, but I’m also now very aware of her professional and sweet natured approach, to whatever she seems to puts her hand too! Whilst attending the ‘La Bella’ launch, I was able to speak with not only Sam’s PR team about the work that’s gone into the fragrance, but Sam herself! It’s reassuring to me and I’m sure many others, knowing that Sam was fully involved in every process of ‘La Bella’, and wasn’t just another Celeb to put her name on a product.

The fragrance itself is genuinely delicious! I was fortunate enough to be given a bottle as part of a thank you goodie bag, and I have been wearing it every day! The scent evokes a fresh balance of sweet and musky tones, with a very feminine approach to the overall composition and packaging. The bottle oozes glamour, and every element, from the font – to the pop of the lid, is elegantly done! To me, it’s also a fragrance that’s very versatile according to occasion, and could suit all ages, as I took ‘La Bella’ home to show my younger sister and mother, and they both loved it!

Have you tried ‘La Bella’ yet? If so, do let me know you’re thoughts! It’s available to purchase from The Fragrance Shop online and in stores. Congrats Sam and what a beautiful launch! See below for more images and links.




i2style sam faiers

I’d like to say a big thank you again to the Grabble team, for enabling me to attend such exciting and insightful events and press days, they really do play an important role in expanding brand awareness, and filling my fashion and beauty loving brain, with even more joy!

Big loves x

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