Birmingham International Fashion Week

I went to day 2 of Birmingham’s very first International Fashion week, with some lovely work colleagues of mine. With an aim of being inspired and enthused with the latest Fashions and up and coming Designers, I was actually surprised at how I felt equally as drawn to how the day was managed, organised and produced. With some exceptional planning and strict time slots, each Designer shown on the catwalk showcased some fabulous items,  yet they were brilliantly prompt, prepped and precise! With a little information given on each Designer, it helped in the understanding of their collections and personal backgrounds, as I always feel a little bit of ‘you’ is infused into whatever you create, so that was very interesting to find out about.

The Designers showcased included Ricardo Ramos, Dawn Sunflower, Karen Morris Milliner & more! They had come from all around the world!..which was fantastic to see, however due to Birmingham being the 2nd largest City in England, I would have loved to have seen more UK based creatives and hope that more can get involved in the years to come! Saying that, whilst walking round, I had noticed a great array of up & coming Designers, who were predominantly still students. I’m always interested in encouraging and supporting ‘up & comers’, as who knows, they could be the next  huge Designer showcasing their work on the 2014 catwalk!

The image shown at the top of the page, shows one of my favourite garment pieces from the day. Myself and my work colleagues are lovers of classic, timeless Dresses, that ooze elegance and sophistication…and this gown by Sofia Couture, did just that! It’s simple, yet with it’s sensual neckline, placed with the cheeky but respectful length hemline, looked lovely. Plus it was black! who couldn’t do without a LBD! Especially one that eludes such class! This dress and Sofia’s collection, reminded us of a typical Audrey Hepburn influence with a slight infusion of the 1980’s, in terms of shape and style!

We also had the opportunity to be VIP’s (oh la laa), which meant that we had that very exciting goodie bag and a guaranteed seat on the catwalk. The goodie bag included all information on showcased Designers and samples from skincare ranges…oh and almost sparkly chocolate! Yes that’s right, slightly metallic, sparkly chocolate! By a company called ‘Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar’. After monching my heart shaped, beautifully crafted piece of chocolate, I decided to research a little more into the love behind this company and their products! I have a huge appreciation and respect for any company that puts their heart and soul into something that they create. So, after having a read on their website, my heart melted when I read their ‘creative process’ on their about me page:

1. Fall in Love

2. Inspiration

3. Action

4. Experience…

You can check out their website (, to read all about their process’s and I assure you, if you are a sucker for a delightful description…like me, you will get that fuzzy heart warming feeling…just how chocolate can make you! Mmm chocolate…


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