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Styling, Designing and creating an image should elicit pure creativity, challenge & have an element of individuality. I always aim to create something that perhaps no-one has done before and try to push myself in a rather quirky direction…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but hey, you will never know until you start experimenting! (Possibly one of the most important processes of any Design/Styling project).

I enjoy customising a lot! And wanted to create something influenced by a theme I chose to focus on whilst at University, the Sea & the Dangers that lie deep within it. This meant lots of research into elements of dangerous creatures, features of nature, coral and the wave like current of the Sea itself. I created moodboards, sketched and experimented with another low budget project.

Take a peak at the below Illustration I created as initial inspiration for this particular project: (Image created from my own freehand drawn sketch, combined with elements of Photography, merged together using photoshop)…

I enjoy finding what I have lying around my house or in my box of unused materials etc, so much so, that this is how the below Styling outfits came about. Customising is a fun way to challenge yourself, you never know how somethings going to turn out until you try! So, I decided to focus on small but striking Styling features that could be used to really bring together an outfit as part of a shoot. Taking the current inspiration I already had in mind, I began chopping, sewing & crafting away with various pieces of fabric and objects. I had recently purchased about ten or so shoulder pads from the Birmingham Rag Market, for a fabulous price! I wanted to customise these in a unique way, a natural way and a way that would bring out my creativity.

I began using (more) faux leather from old leather jackets that I had purchased off Ebay (hoping it would one day perhaps come in useful). I then took the simple shapes & elements of the Sea, waves and fins and cut small strips that I knew I could easily sew together/glue on top of my pre-purchased shoulder pads. This took me no more than 20 minutes! Which I thought wasn’t bad at all, especially with how precious my time was! It was also good practice for being time effective as the Industry time states ‘time is money; and all that Jazz…

I then used these ontop of my trusty mannequin and experimented with various outfits that I thought would look eye-catching whilst on shoot & on the right model, take a peak at the pics below and see if you feel inspired to create something in a short amount of time and with the materials/objects you have around you.

My vision is to always think outside the box and to me, Styling represents pushing the boundaries, pushing a vision that I personally have inside my ever thinking bubble brain and just generally seeing if I can make it happen!…Even if it is just in the comfort of my own home :D.








Let me know what materials and fashion items you’ve been customising! It’s a great way of practicing your skills, opening up your mind to new ideas and if you have a passion for it, it’s fun and beneficial…knowing that you’ve pretty much up-cycled!



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