To be inspired, encouraged and self assured, can be a true heart warming reassurance, if you’re in need of it. I have started to find a real appreciation for everyone and everything that have been able to give me some kind of inspiration and positive influence throughout my life, so far. So, I have created i2style to give a similar influence back! 😀

Fashion, style and our image choices are totally adaptable, personal and can be a really uplifting part of our daily lives, if done with pride, self belief and confidence. I believe it is really important (especially in this day and age), that we learn to appreciate who we really are! After all, we were born this way!…(could have fully broken out into Lady Gaga then!). Over the years, I have gained a progressing understanding of dressing up and dressing down to enhance our outer and inner beauty, according to our mood, occasion and every day situations. If necessary, we can switch up a casual daytime look into a glam and glitz galore – show stopping one, with just a change in accessories!

My aim is to encourage others to enhance that inner & outer beauty with affordable and creative style ideas, with the occasional dip into the wonderful world of Makeup, where I can hopefully share my shade faves and Mac must haves…and to show how by subtly enhancing our features, can aid in setting an outfit off to a T! With a genuine love for Fashion, makeup & writing descriptively at all given times, I just thought what better way to bring everything together, than with this blog!

The name, i2style was thought up a while ago, after I’d assisted a number of Fashionistas throughout that all important few years of work experience. Within the majority of role requirements and job descriptions I had come across, whilst hunting for appropriate places to work, having an ‘Eye for Style’ was always a necessity! Consequently, after finding a true passion for styling and dressing other people (with more confidence than in any other area that I had delved into before), I had really began to gain an understanding and acknowledgement of how to bring out the best in someone, with predominantly a change or enhancement in someones wardrobe. By listening to their requirements, needs and really putting my passions and Fashion knowledge forward, I began to speed up in my style choices for them and with some reassuring feedback and thankyous, I quickly realised  that having an eye (i) – to (2) – Style, was a really satisfying and important phrase to me!

So, here it is! If there is anything you would like to put forward as a suggestion post for this blog, I’d love to hear from you! Please take a peak at my contact page to find my email address or alternatively, you’re more than welcome to leave any comments in the box below!

Big loves, Holly x


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