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Power | Femininity | Mystery | Sensuality

The above words elicit the brief and theme, that myself and the creative team I paired up with, to shoot this look, wanted to achieve. This particular shoot was a TFP shoot, meaning it was unpaid and the result of my time would mean I would have full access to the photo’s/prints, post shoot. Which, at this time in my experimentation with Fashion & Styling, suited me down to the ground. This type of shoot is also called ‘Testing’…for those who are thinking of going on their own journey in building up a Fashion Styling portfolio :).

(The Model, Photographer and Makeup Artist also used these prints as part of their portfolios).

This was actually one of the first shoots I had done, after all of my experience assisting Stylists, which was both exciting and slightly nerving! Only because if you’re a perfectionist like me, you are petrified of making mistakes…although I have learn’t over the years that mistakes can actually lead to ‘happy accidents’ and can totally transform a look for the better, even if it wasn’t expected! Living and learning and all that!

Due to this shoot being a ‘Test’, my aim was to produce a simple, yet striking look, that was eye-catching, creative and sensual, using a very low budget. As a result, it was time to get my thinking cap on and my scissors at the ready and I must say, I am rather proud of myself for using items that I already had surrounding me. I had purchased a vintage style Men’s Faux leather Jacket, for under £10 on Ebay (a while ago) and quickly noticed how the neck of it could look rather bold, if used as part of an upper body shot! So, with my snippy snips at the ready, that neck was chopped right off! & buckled up perfectly, so I didn’t even have to sew it together. The look flourished straight away and a feel of Fetish Fashion came to mind, so I continued the theme with the finding of a rather unusual bracelet, which I had purchased years ago, yet never wore, as I found it was far too big for my lil wrist, so I was ecstatic when I had finally found a purpose for it, instead of throwing it out or selling it in a car boot or something! (Again it was purchased under £10).

After positioning the bracelet in a number of ways and places, I decided to make it more of a neck feature, so decided to stitch the sides of it straight onto the leather chopped neck piece and I was quite satisfied. As I knew it would look rather striking as an upper body shot, combined with the Models completed Makeup & Hair, it needed something else…something that would pull it together. So, I got out my box of accessories and found some little fingerless gloves & one of those super tight ‘magic tummy-tucking’ skirts! My look was complete!


The team I shot this look with were all in agreement that it was a rather raunchy look, which added a totally different look to our portfolios, but wanted to make sure that we didn’t make it look trashy, or that the model was over exposed. I feel these shots are almost a tease, a sensual image that evokes mystery, girl power and confidence, which are all positive in my eyes. This shoot was done in the most professional way possible with huge respect given to the model and the rest of the team who helped in making this look become such an eye-catching, classic one!

From this look, I decided to create others! I was inspired by the tried and tested ‘Upcycling’ theme, that I had previously gone with, so came up with the below looks. The first image shows below, shows a body piece, created by stitching together two of the sleeves taken from the same Faux Leather Jacket! I really did get my use out of it! And finally the image shown below the previous…(please note it does display a feature of mild nudity), was a truly feminine and powerful Lingerie/sensual shot. For the shoulder pieces, I had purchased two eye-catching key rings from H&M, which I instantly knew would be fab for some boobie coverage! Yes, you read me right, key rings! I think they were around £5 each, which in the continuing of this low budget themed shoot, was perfect! Once I took them home, I took off the actual ring and I was left with the actual key feature. From here I pinned them in various places upon my mannequin and sewed them onto some small shoulder pads which I had squared. I thought these would be perfect tied round the models shoulder, secured with some see through string, which could be easily photoshopped out by the Photographer, post shoot. The suspender & knickers shown on the lower half of the Model, was purchased from Primark, another very affordable high street store! What do you think?…





It just goes to show, with experience, a creative mind and a beady (i) eye (i), you really don’t have to spend a fortune to create a classic, striking and powerful look. If you would like to know any more information about this shoot or would be interested in creating your own, let me know in the comments below, or alternatively, email me. You can find my contact details in the contact section shown on the front home page.







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