I interview floral Artist Joseph Massie!

i2style and joseph massie

Joe Massie's Floral Creation at Touchwood If you read my previous post, you will know that I was recently contacted by the communicative and rather creative PR Team, over at McCann! I was kindly asked if I would like to interview Joseph Massie and Rosie Fortescue for my little ol’ Blog. Ofcourse, I jumped at the opportunity and prepped and planned my questions as soon as I got in from work. I was an eager beaver to say the least, due to my interest in both Fashion & Florals. Joseph Massie is an award winning Floral Artist, who travels the world exhibiting and showcasing his floral creations. He worked with Touchwood, (my local shopping centre, based in my home town of Solihull), to create a masterpiece, that was to aid in the launch of Touchwood’s Spring, Summer Fashion Season…and what a masterpiece it was! Joseph and his small talented team, came together to make a stunning fresh floral gown. With a mixture of around 2000 flowers completing the dress; the colour, composition and the overall creation of the dress was breathtaking. I’ve always been a fan of floral prints, in regards to Fashion, however i’ve never seen a piece quite like this before. As Joseph states in the interview, ‘it’s not so much Art based, it’s very much a Design based piece’ and I agree. It’s a piece that grabs the eye of the viewer. It made me think about the influences and inspiration behind it almost instantly. Within the interview, Joseph and myself speak about our love for the recent Spring, Summer Ted Baker prints, combined with fresh vision, and I have to say, Mr Massie has exceeded what he set out to achieve. We had such a fabulous conversation and he even mentions what fellow young Artists or Students, wanting to get into this type of Industry, need to do, to get there. His advice was honest, humble and motivating. He encourages finding a niche and looking outside the box for different types of inspiration. If you’d like to find out more about our recent interview and what Joseph has coming up in the near future, please see the linked video below and check out his Website…it is wonderful. If you’re loving Spring, Summer Floral Fashion right now, which are your favourite brands? Have you visited Touchwood before? If you haven’t make sure you do soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaNeD8jkVBg Touchwood - Joe Massie - rs


i2style and joseph massie

Again i’d like to thank McCann, Touchwood and both Joseph and Rosie for the opportunity, I feel more creatively inspired that I have done for a while!




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