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With Valentines Day commencing shortly and a number of luxurious items catching my eye, I wanted to bring the new Rosalina Nacken collection to your attention! If you’ve read my recent luxury Christmas lust list, or watched my recent Youtube Video, where I took part in ‘The Fashion Tag’, then you will certainly know how much of a fan I am of high quality, statement, accessory items! Within ‘The Fashion Tag’, I actually stated how Phillip Lim was my current favourite designer, in regards to his heavenly designed handbags…yet I may very well have just found myself a new one.

Rosalina Nacken is a new discovery of mine, and a quickly ranking favourite! Rosalina specialises in luxury Italian leather handbags with combined tablet pouches, named The ‘Shelle Classica’ & ‘The Shelle Futura’ – ‘A two in one elegant solution’. Perfect for your everyday needs, these beautifully handcrafted bags, ooze Italian couture, which, lets face it, would excite any Fashion enthusiast! I would adore something so practical, as an addition to my everyday working outfit. It’s sleek, chic and sophisticated look gives it that professional feel, which would not only impress visually, but would make my organisational necessities much more of a joy to sort out!

Personally, with an on the go, day to day working life, I couldn’t think of anything better than carrying around with me something so aesthetically and practically functional. I find myself struggling on a daily basis, whilst attempting to fit in my much needed iPad/life, as well as my diary, various other means of technology, and of course, my little makeup bag! I dislike purchasing bulky bags & really need something easy and exceptionally organised, where I can quickly pull out an item with ease and efficiency, so, something like this is sure to be my number 1 item on my next luxury lust list.

Rosalina’s website is also a pleasure to navigate around. With background stories about her passions behind the innovative design, a link to her online store and a full description & video showcasing her exquisite, enriching and inspirational ‘movement’ idea, plus more…Rosalina quotes – “Move your life and life will move with you”. To me, this evokes a clear, intelligent and simplistic idea about the forever changing environment, which many professionals and on the go Ladies will know all about! Consequently, I am sure this new concept of Fashion and function will excite and intrigue, and has certainly caught my eye!

Do make sure you keep an eye out for my up & coming Valentines lust list, where this will be sure to show, and if you’re aware of any new designers, which you have found to ooze qualities of innovation, yet still acknowledging todays Fashionable needs and styles, let me know, I’d love to see them.


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