A neon occasion


Accessorising is my most faaavourite part of Styling any outfit and depending on what items you use, it can either break an outfit, or totally make it! Summer 2013, in my eyes, is all about subtle confidence, inside and out. Now, I’m not one for following exact trends when it comes to my own personal styling, as I believe people should be creative in bringing out their individuality, however they are great when needing a point of direction. I have been battling with the ‘nothing but Noir’ syndrome, lingering within the depths of my wardrobe…and frankly, as much as I believe you can’t go wrong with a bit of black, I have sooo much of it, that I literally am making myself feel far too monotoned for my own good! So, off I went to that fabulous area of my bedroom, where I can shop ONLINE! and ventured into an area that I feel a lot of Style lovers are still slightly afraid of!…that crazed trend, NEON!

I wanted to delve into more brighter, quirkier and lighter neon colours to liven up not just myself, but my poor little wardrobe, seeing as it looks like a replica of the black hole at the moment :|…(on reflection, I deffo must have gone through a slightly moody, monotoned few months!). Neon seems to be something that screams confidence, and being a fellow fashionista, I just thought, why not! and you should too! There are so many fantastic neon featured items out there at the moment and it sure didn’t take me long before I had found some pretty, perfect items. All items found were from high-street brands, that I knew were affordable, versatile and could be styled up fabulously.

Once my items had arrived, I decided upon my most favourite piece and created a whole outfit from it. I’m sure you can guess what that was from the images below! Yes, that is right…I had to go for a Dress! A perfect item to wear dressed up or down and I am pleased to say that I am rather satisfied with my purchase, thank you very much River Island! To accessorise this immensely beautiful Dress, I had the most perfect accompaniments in mind…will you just take a peak at these babies (ugh sigh of love):

Carvella Beauties

I had owned this pair of magical creations from Carvella, for almost a year now, yet because of my ‘never say no to Noir’ phase, I must have not been in the mood to wear them…that was until NOW! :D. To me, they really are the definition of a neon occasion, and what better occasion to show them off at, than on here (or any other that you feel appropriate!) 😛 Take a look at the images below to see my favourite high street neon pick and keep an eye out for future posts, where I feel I will be clearing out that black hole, that lies so deep within my wardrobe, a lot more frequently…& frankly, I’m looking forward too it! So go on, don’t be afraid of brightening up your day, with a subtle hint of neon ;), as it has really brightened up mine :D.

Moocher clearly wanted in on the snaps!

| Dress | River Island |

| Necklace | H&M |

| Belt | River Island |

| Shoes | Carvella (2012) |

| Lipstick | Illamasqua Kontrol |



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