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When a good piece of jewellery catches my eye, it has a delicate yet statement quality about it – a piece that can be worn from day to night, with a little helping hand from an outfit switch up. I’ve been after a few new pieces for a while now, yet nothing grabbed me as much as these two.

I’ve lusted over jewellery designs from the likes of Lily-Kamper and such, predominantly over the perfect cyber world some call Pinterest, yet nothing I had seen in a while, which was in my price range (aka high street or nothing), seemed quirky enough. Then on a fantastic weekend to London with my girls, as Topshop as the first pit stop from Oxford Street tube station, an array or jewellery such as this screamed at me at first glance. (It was love).

The marble details within the design, combined with its unusual shape and simplistic choker all work harmoniously…and I’m thinking how I can harmonise it with that wardrobe of mine :p. With jewellery like that, I think it’s important to remember that less is more’. I’ve already worn this piece to work over buttoned up black and white shirts, with crop tops and long skirts in the evenings and even over jumpers. It’s an item I know I can wear time and time again, season upon season. And for just under £15 – I think I found a right gem. (ha ‘gem’ lol).

i2style jewellery


My next item, is something I’d been wanting to get my hands on for ages, however went back and forth continually, contemplating whether something like this would suit me and if it would be appropriate to pair with my everyday looks. The only way to find out, was to bite the bullet and just buy one. So, Asos – the heaven of online shopping, came through again, with this little beauty.

Now, I must say, it was a difficult choice, as Asos have SO many to choose from, but I wanted to try something more diddy and delicate, so for under a tenner, this piece was purchased. It did take me a while to get the hang of how it actually fit on my head, as I kept letting go of the chains when gripping them in place, but I soon learn’t and absolutely adore it!



I can’t wait to wear it on a night out soon. Have you got any new statement jewellery that you know you’ll be wearing time and time again? I’d love to know! Big loves, Holly x

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