Post numero uno! (i)


I wanted to begin i2style with some inspirational words, spoken by the Hollywood 1920’s legend, Marlene Dietrich –

“I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for Fashion, not for men”

Being a genuine Style lover, the above words speak so much! Although I dress predominantly for myself, I suppose that Style is about the over all imagery and the impact it can have on you personally, after an outfit has been thought out and planned. It’s an expression of creativity, passion and in my opinion, mood. I dress according to feeling, atmosphere and occasion.

I have created this blog for the desire of inspiring others to not be afraid of going with their gut when it comes to Style choices. I want to create and talk to all you style lovers out there, about a number of looks that can be created in a creative and affordable way. I feel passionate about Fashion and feel it is important, to most of all, take pride in how you dress and do it for yourself!

I will do this using a variety of influences, such as; seasons, a theme or a particular ‘mood of the month’, and according to how I personally feel.  The looks, ideas and the putting together methods are all an act of my love for Style. I would describe my personal Styling as creative, classic and calculated! (As I don’t half take a lot of time putting outfits together!). The way in which I aim to describe my chosen and created looks, will, hopefully, be written in a detailed, descriptive, yet easily read and rhythmic way!

Oh, and before I go, please do feel free to comment, email & follow my blog as I hope it will be of interest and even help to you! Thanks in advance. Big loves, Holly xHolly

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