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I bet that had your tongue in a twist didn’t it!? You did read the above correctly mind, even if you did have to repeat yourself once or twice ;)…This post displays my top six picks, for buying Fashion goodies online, for less. Being an exceptionally keen bargain hunter, I have stumbled across some of the most style savvy sites, that give consumers an array of affordable items, when in need of that cheeky little Fashion fix. Since becoming a recent Fashion Graduate, I am all about the below places to visit, and it’s all down to the wonderful, world wide web! (Aka, that place, some of us call ‘the crowd saver’…let alone the money saver.) With hundreds of sites to see and a variety of options offered, I have just about managed to whittle my list down to the sweetest six sites, that you ever will see. So, let’s get cracking shall we?…


Numero Uno

The best Website for all Fashion items (For High Street & Designer):

My top pick for the best Website, that sells every item imaginable, has to be the all amazing, ASOS! ( From Wellies, to Onesies, ASOS really does have it all! I have been one of ASOS’s biggest fans, since the very beginning. So much so, that I get sent their monthly Fashion Mag, for free, from purchasing so many goods! This in itself, is a penny saver for me, as I do love a good flick through one of the many Fashion Inspiration Bibles, that I get my hands on, on a regular basis! ASOS does not only display a sale, almost every time I visit it, (with a current sale on, up to 70% off!..), but they have an exceptionally handy  area to go to, to the left of their site, called ASOS Marketplace. Their Marketplace is a space where talented creatives can sell their items online too, for Free! Whether you’re an owner of a small independent business, wanting to expand your market online, or just someone who delves into some cool customising to unique items every now and again, the Marketplace is a fab professional space where customers really can pick up a bargain! And, I, will certainly be bowing down to this incredible, magical, online wonder, forever more! 😀

Top tip for shopping on ASOS – Make sure you sign up & register with them. You will receive frequent emails about their latest Sales & offers and often they will have opportunities whereby an offer of Free delivery is open to customers between certain times of the day, so you don’t miss out on anything!


The Website for the perfect Dress – Designer Style:

To choose the perfect Dress, whether it be black, white or red can be tricky sometimes without spending an unnecessary fortune. Well, that was until I discovered, Girl Meets Dress! ( This magical land, full of Designer Dresses is truly, a delight to my eyeballs! Scouring the net, and predominantly dreaming of strutting out with the girls in an Alexander Wang Dress, is, for most of us, literally, a Dream! If, like me, you have saved and spent more than you wished you had on a Gown, that you wore once, i.e to your Prom, or on a special Birthday night out, you can feel slightly guilty! Girl Meets Dress saves you of this, in so many ways, as all of their Dresses are for Hire! Yes, that’s right, borrow and return within a matter of days and get a huge discount off a Dress which normally retails at sometimes triple the cost. It really is that simple.

Top tip for shopping on Girl Meets Dress – Sign up for Free on their site too, as you will receive £10 off your next order! Every little counts and all :).


The Website for the best Fashion – For the best cause:

Supporting Charity is always heart warming, beneficial and generally gives you that feel good feeling, that many people should feel on a more regular basis. If I can support a Charity, by purchasing Fashion items, then that feel good feeling almost gives me a feeling similar to that ‘Friday feeling’…and that is rather big! So, Oxfam is my top pick, for purchasing amazingly low priced items, for the better of not just our wardrobe, but of other people throughout the world. ( When doing that all important year of work experience in London Town, I purchased some incredible goods from one of the Oxfam shops in Central, and I can honestly say, I cannot get enough of them. When I noticed that Oxfam had an online store, I was also more than pleased, especially when wanting to avoid all chaotic crowds, in any big City or Town, let alone London! They also have a huge variety of not only Fashion garments, but household items too, such as DVD’s, Books and Children’s Toys.

My Top tip for shopping on Oxfam – Make sure you read about what Oxfam do, how you can be more involved and be sure to check out their vintage section, you sure can pick up a bargain or two.


My Best Website for Fashion Statement Jewellery & Accessories:

I have found a spectacular array of amazing accessory items, from Body Jewellery to big Fashion Bags, on one of my most favourite online stores…Boohoo! With most items priced under the £20 mark, you can’t go wrong. (, is somewhere to keep updated with the latest trends, be inspired by their awesomely alluring Fashion Photos, within the likes of their ‘get the look’ section, etc and it sure is the place to be to pick up a fantastic find, whilst on a budget! I find myself browsing for ages on Boohoo, which is a joy, as there are so many bargain garments to view! I’m also impressed to see that they’re always bang on trend, and to me, I feel as though Boohoo almost set them!…especially when I lurk over their adverts! I have found Boohoo’s Jewellery, especially to be above the rest, when hunting for a great Deal, and if you’ve racked up a number of affordable items (that’s probably only mounted to the amount of £35 or just over), they will also give you delivery for free. What more can a Fashionista ask for!

My top tip for shopping with Boohoo – Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to never miss out on an offer, and if you’re a student, don’t forget to use your Student Discount Cards!


My Best Website for finding them Fashion codes!:

When you’ve finally reached that checkout point online, and you discover the little section where it says, enter your discount code here: you can sometimes long that you had something to fill it out with! Well, I am pleased to tell you, that now you can! With Fashion Vouchers (, providing codes and offers of Sales across a huge variety of online stores, including one’s such as Karen Millen, ASOS!, and New Look, Fashion Vouchers is a very exciting place, which I should view far more often! You can enter in your email address also on the site, which will additionally make sure that you never miss out on those exciting offers. Fashion Vouchers will also let you know how long an offer will last for, as there are, unfortunately, expiry dates on these sorts of  luxuries :p!

My top tip for using Fashion Vouchers – Check out their blog section, you will find a mountain of inspirational posts, that contains an array of material that advises consumers of the latest looks!


My Best Website for Beauty Buys:

This may be narrowing into a catagory that isn’t specifically one of Fashion, however this website sells fantastic Fashion, cars, homewear and furniture alone…but within my final best buy online, I wanted to focus in on something that all Fashionistas lust towards, and that is makeup & Beauty Products! There are hundreds of websites out there that do just this, yet EBAY (, seems to do it bigger and better than the rest. With retailers and companies selling their unwanted or perhaps over bought stock, I can literally scroll for ages, just drooling over some of the magnificently priced Beauty items. Ebay is known for it’s place of Bidding wars, however on most products sold on there, you can purchase something right away, for a fixed price. Although, bidding can be seriously pleasing for our bank balances! Ebay contains most of your well-known names & brands, and comes delivered, sealed and unused, which is always reassuring to know, when some of the items on Ebay come second hand, which isn’t to everyone’s liking !Oh the bargains I have picked up from there, especially when I was a student!

My top tip for shopping on Ebay – There will be more likely than not, more than one person selling the same products or items, so have a good browse round and don’t be afraid to compare prices! After all, Ebay is a money saving sensation, when used correctly! Also, don’t forget to check out the sellers history, most people can click to rate someone, for their well presented and secure postage and packaging techniques for example, so try and buy off someone who really understands how to sell! After all, customer service online is just as important as it is within your local shopping center!

Well, that’s it folks! Thanks for taking the time to read through my top picks for some of the finest fashion saving websites, I hope it’s helped! If you have any favourites, I’d love to know which one’s you love too! :)

| Within the above images, if you’re wondering what I am wearing, take a peak below: |

| Top | Topshop | 

| Shorts | Topshop |

| Shoes | H&M |

| Earrings | River Island | 



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