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It isn’t everyday we get to spoil our man, with more than just our feminine charm and joyful presence! So, knowing Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I’d put together a little luxury lusting post, perfect for him! I have been loving lusting over luxury goods and items for a while now and have found an increasing interest in this dreamlike section of the Fashion and lifestyle industry. There is just something about true passion, craftsmanship and quality, that draws me into the design and consumption aspect of an item, and the new items from MARK / GIUSTI do just that!

Me and my guy have been together 6 years now and I’m always looking for fresh, new ways to show my love towards him and his life. He’s the type that, like me, really appreciates the finer things in life, even if it is just lusting over them! He is also a lover of slick design and hates being un-organised. As a result, an item from the MARK / GIUSTI website, would suit him down to the ground, especially when aiding towards his on the go working life. The designs from MARK / GIUSTI, focus upon attention to detail, art inspired fabric lining and completing those finishing touches, such as top stitching, with precision and perfection, which I know would be sure to impress.

Together, we love to travel, even if it’s a little weekend trip away to London, and I know we both struggle with luggage, in more ways than one! All those times squeezing through tube barriers…let alone the actual tube, wading your way down busy Oxford Street and waiting around with your belongings, (usually with more than one bag), to check in, is just a bit of a frustrating and unneeded element of our day. However, the MARK / GIUSTI luxury travel bags, especially, look like the perfect sized accompaniment, to any spontaneous trip!

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I’m really looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year, and for me, I love spoiling the one person, I can’t seem to do without. So, if you’re the same, are feeling the love this year and are lucky enough to afford such lustful luxury, then do have a peak at the MARK / GIUSTI site, he even does bespoke, custom made designs, created specifically to your needs and desires too! How fabulous.

I really hope you enjoy your Valentines Day, whether you’re partying the night away with your friends, or are spending a night in or out with that special guy. After all, it isn’t every day we give pure dedicated attention towards the one’s we love! x

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