Falling in love with Sorrento, Italy


This post has been a long time coming, so I already apologise for the delay. I went on a rather spontaneous trip to Sorrento towards the end of 2015 and quite simply, fell in love. Both in it and with it. I’ve never felt so connected and in awe of anywhere as much as this. I don’t know whether a little happy head and incredible weather had something to do with it, but from the food, to the random special spots we discovered, everything about it was pretty magical. Even more so when there were fireworks directly in site most evenings. (Hello wedding season).

So, I thought it was about time I uploaded some of my memories from the trip and start to dream of the next time I aim to visit. There were places I visited where I felt quite emotional, like when I walked into a Cathedral and there was the sound of the most amazing Italian hymns, and taking a chair lift up to the top of the Capri mountain. It was all just very special. I’ve also decided that Italian food is my go-to, as i’m usually ill most years when I’ve been away from food, and after every meal, day or night, I felt healthy and well within myself.

Have you ever visited Sorrento? I genuinely think I’m going to want to get married here in the future, or at least be able to visit again and again. Anyone have a money tree? ;).

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