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Last night (Sunday 20th October 2013), I endured a night that was filled with nostalgic, intriguing and rather odd dreams. Dreams that showcased certain areas of my past and elements of my life, that is now, just a distant memory. Times that included moments at my old Schools, times with old friendship groups throughout college etc & recollections of past events and outings that have made me grow into the person I am today. It isn’t the first night that I’ve had these sorts of dreams, infact I’ve been having them for a while now and every now and again I experience almost a flashback of a particular moment in my life. I think I’m having these sorts of dreams because I’m in an almost ‘transitional time’ within my life! Due to my age, changing situations in my work and home life and genuinely developing within day to day situations. Deep ey!

For me, these dreams can be something that comforts me from the moment I wake up, where I feel a huge sense of warm nostalgia, or I find myself reflecting on why certain things happened the way they did…but I always have a positive outlook, straight after, that everything happens for a reason, and for the better. Every incidence (I believe) in our lives makes us learn, grow and develop into the people we become later on. And, in a very positive light, this also gives me a great sense of comfort and self worth, because I know I’m constantly developing into a more and more wiser and for me, a happier woman, all because of these life experiences, (no matter how small they may be)!

The meaning behind the intro to this post, is that because of these dreams, I have had one of those lightbulb moments! I would like to include and introduce to this blog, ‘Holly’s weekly happenings’! I want to do this because I want to continue to see how life may make me grow & adapt within different situations & circumstances and also to see how far things may change week to week etc.. It’s an opportunity where I can document the most simplest moments in my life, that are perhaps more meaningful than we may originally perceive them to be. I’m a firm believer of growing as a person, (as you can probably tell by now) & because of the above types of dreams, it has made me think that if I should ever forget these types moments, they would always be jotted down within this Blog. :)

As I’m a huge lover of Style & Fashion and this is what this blog is predominantly about, I will still keep the focus upon these types of creative moments within my weeks more so than the more personal and non fashion/lifestyle ones. I may have felt that I have developed a skill or got a little more creative than I have done so before, for example, so this is the type of thang that I shall be including. I’ll also try & include anything that makes me feel that ‘nostalgic’ and heart warming feeling, that objects, food, or just a new snazzy products can do!

I do apologise for this rather rambly and lengthy introduction, but I wanted the readers of my blog to see that I’m not going off on a weekly tangent for no reason, (instead of just doing my usual standard style posts) :), it’s purely an addition to it, and in some ways it may make you readers get to know me a little better! I love reading what my favourite bloggers have been up to and what adventures they’ve been on that week/month and how it’s actually lead them to further positive opportunities, so maybe you may like to do the same!?

I don’t aim to post every week, just when I feel is right and meaningful :).

The following post will be my weekly happenings from last week. Big loves! x

www.i2style.wordpress.com weekly happenings

| 1st images shown was taken of me in Cornwall May 2013 | I <3 it |

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