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Well, this is a rather different type of post isn’t it! I’ve decided to slot in a little bit about a few changes that are happening in my life…more so to do with my tummy life than anything else really! So, let me begin by telling you about a few factors thats made me think differently towards my health and food itself!

For years I have suffered with a tremendous amount of stomach pain, which started very high up towards my nervous system and carried through right round to my back. This pain lasted hours and frankly, I was very fed up! I’ve had to take time out of my education life as well as work days because of it…however after years of Doctors & Hospital trips, we think we have found the reason behind it all!

For years I was being told that it was most likely the oh so common IBS, however the pains linked with IBS, didn’t match up to the ones I was having, a long with a few more factors that just didn’t make sense. So, over the years I began to acknowledge what I was eating and if it linked with when I got the pain, which I did, as well as when I was in stressful situations. So stress is proven to be a factor towards my symptoms, as well as certain foods.

I find that if i’ve eaten lots of stodgy and carby food over a period of a week, my stomach bloats, I get headaches and the pain can get excruciating! As a result it was finally time that I had that all important Coeliac test, which is a test for people who have an auto immune/gluten intolerance disease. I have read, and was told that a lot of the times the tests can come back in conclusive, which is frustrating, as mine did just that :(. I felt that I wasn’t offered much help since then and it was almost as if my doctors just went back to the drawing board with this one and didn’t take much notice, although they did think this is the most likely factor of my pains. I have found out since then, that if you haven’t eaten a good dose and a solid amount of Gluten food at least 6 weeks before your tests then many can come back negative, so I’m almost certain that this is could be the reason for why mine have come back this way.

I think this because I have decided to take it upon myself to just try out, for a few weeks, how my body reacts to gluten free food, as last week was one of my worst yet in terms of pain from the food I was eating, even though I do try to eat a varied and healthy diet, so I’ve always been a bit confused! Consequently, I took that all important first step to research different types of gluten free food that are available on the market and what I can and cannot eat. And, after just 4 days, my stomach has never felt so calm! Its crazy that with just a little change in diet, you can feel alive again!

I previously blamed my headaches and other symptoms on tiredness, however from eating the right foods, I feel awake, more motivated and I can finally live my days tummy pain free, hoorahhh, or what I’ve found so far! So, what have I been eating you say?…quite yummy things to be honest! Eating a gluten free diet is really all about eating fresh food in its most truest form. This means lots of fruit, lots of veg, fresh meats and more! For breakfast, my usual daily ritual would be either a plate of beans on toast (which both contain gluten), or cereals! Now, after some simple research, I have changed to eating natural yoghurt, agar honey, with fresh fruit and gluten free granola, which is actually very satisfying, tasty and gives me a more up beat and energised feeling in the mornings, instead of feeling full of stodge!

For lunches and dinners I can eat baked potatoes, chicken, (or other similar untouched meats), with salad, gluten free pasta/pittas and more. I’m so pleased with the way things are going already and it’s something that I am definitely going to try and keep up. I am going to go back to my doctors too, to see if there is further testing that I should have to determine if I do have coeliac disease or my body just has an intolerance to gluten, as well as what they make of my new tried diet. (Although it’s really is just a diet filled with healthy food) – I’m also allowing myself lots of cheeky treats and snacks too, just the right ones ;).

Have you had any similar symptoms or have been diagnosed with something like coeliac disease? Apparently 1 in 100 people have it! I hope everyone’s feeling happy and healthy and is enjoying their week. Will get back to the Fashion posts very soon :p



  1. Mungle November 6, 2013 / 10:33 pm

    Really please you’ve found some answers for your stomach pains., we know our bodies a lot better then doctors and their blimmin tests! Good luck with it all Hun xxx

    • i2style November 7, 2013 / 8:28 am

      Thank you! & yeah it’s been a frustrating time and the change that was needed was so simple! <3

  2. beautyinbeta December 6, 2013 / 1:54 pm

    I can completely empathise with this! Also have an IBS-like problem, but they don’t know what. There’s a lot of triggers foods to be careful of though, that we wouldn’t expect, like apples, certain acidic berries, peppers, garlic, so check out the FODMAP diet, it’s really helpful! :) Beth xo

    • i2style December 6, 2013 / 5:12 pm

      Oh really, that’s interesting! I’m currently being tested for coeliac disease which is a cause of a gluten intollerance, isn’t it funny how foods can react so badly to individuals. xxx

      • beautyinbeta December 6, 2013 / 5:15 pm

        Yeah I also was tested for coeliacs, my auntie has it, but it came back negative. Got told I just have a wheat intolerance, not gluten, and sensitive to dairy, and lots of other weird and wonderful foods! xo

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