Wearable Tech Pins You & I Are Loving


It’s no secret that i’m fascinated by wearable tech and what they’re able to do for not only futuristic fashion shows, but the health world and many other industries too. It’s amazing how a piece of specially designed technology could aid with someones quality of life, so i’m here to show you via Pinterest, which pins you and I have been loving recently and why they’re so interesting.

Firstly, 3D printing is booming! Companies like Strategy’s are collaborating with innovative designers, such as Van Herpen to create second skin like designs for Paris Fashion Week. (This was my most pinned image recently).

i2style wearable tech

Francessca Barchiesi concept around expanding the communicative power of sign language, by reading and converting hand gestures into practical movements is pretty cool! The glove can also be used to translate sign language used by deaf people, into spoken language! For a student – Francessca’s ideas are one’s I’d love to see develop and become even more of a success.

i2stle wearable tech

i2style wearable tech 

 Perfecting movement is a huge aspect of any professional dancer’s (or similar) profession. And, with the help of wearable technology, this side of ‘practice makes perfect’ has got a whole lot more advance! By electronically tracing the movement of dancers, Lesia Trubat’s uses a lily pad arduino microcontroller board to record the pressure and actions of their feet and send the signal to an electronic device.

i2style wearable tech

If you’re intrigued by wearable technology, then do let me know in the comments below, and be sure to follow for more wearable tech spotlight posts! Makes you wonder what the future’s going to hold next…

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