Well, I Graduated!



I am now officially a University Fashion Graduate, with a rather large grin on my face! 😀 Graduating with a BA Hons Fashion Studies Degree, the world is now my oyster!…or so they say! I worked solidly throughout the whole of my course to make sure that I got that First! And with much delight, that First was very much achieved! Hoorayyy!

It is still taking me quite a while to realise that this day has finally arrived! I can remember myself trying to imagine this day…was it going to be overwhelming? Am I going to feel proud of myself and have that warm fuzzy feeling inside my belly?! And I wonder what I’m going to do to get there?…Well, I can surely look back on all those thoughts and give myself a much needed pat on the back, as I really did work my socks off and admittedly over stress, far more than I needed too. I have always been a perfectionist and continued to worry about not reaching those high goals I used to set myself, throughout my time at University! Despite me knowing deep down that everything would most likely turn out ok anyway, because I really did go that extra mile. But, with a positive outlook and attempting to keep a level head, I continued to work and develop with patience, willingness and oozed a genuine passion to learn and listen to others.


Although a 7.30am start did not make me look or feel fabulous, the day turned out to be pretty magical! With snow falling from the sky (as Derby University have their Graduation Ceremonies in January!), a room filled full of Ex-Students, just itching to get hold of their certificate…and Family members all with tissues at the ready, it was a rather memorable day! When I went up on stage to shake the Duke Of Devonshire’s hand, I’m not going to lie when I say that the majority of my thoughts revolved around the ‘please do not trip’ kind! However everything was ‘A, Ok!’, I managed to make it to the other side and receive my certificate with the floor still under my feet. (Phew!).


Once my heart had popped back into my chest, I rejoined my family, where we went off for a much needed spot of grub and drinkies!…(which was very much appreciated by my butterflied stomach). On the evening, my Graduation ended with a visit to the infamous SU Bar for the final time, *sigh*, where Derby University had put on our Graduation Ball! However, due to the snow, stormy weather conditions and the lack of non-delayed Taxi’s available to take us back to our Hotel, the cold got the better of us. So me, my boyfriend and lovely Friends decided to call it a night, after a final, yet slightly rushed boogie, a saying of goodbyes and a good ol’ tray of chips! (A standard, for our last Student ‘night out’, if you will!).

Over the next few days, huge question marks and big bubble thoughts began to surround my brain!…Thoughts like, where am I heading?, how do I know if i’ll make the right choices, I wonder how I’ll feel once I move back home properly…and the big one, what on earth am I going to do now!?! I quickly realised however, that with questions like these lingering around and almost scaring me into being afraid of ‘the big wide world’…I wasn’t going to get anywhere! So, I decided to let go…get rid of all my worries and just let life be! Because I will never know if I make the right choices until I experience them and I will also never find out whether my dreams will be fulfilled further, unless I delve and get stuck in! And I can tell you, with thinking positively, calmly and letting go of these fears that many Graduates I’m sure are facing, life will begin! And mine certainly has :). The opportunities I could be a part of is all part of the willingness to work harder, further into my career, so I think I shall end this post on a watch this space and do not be afraid of what life may throw at you next, because if you don’t accept them willingly, then you may be stuck with nothing and perhaps have a few regrets in the latter part of life!


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