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If you’ve read my previous post, regarding my love for the wearable technology industry, you will know that researching for up and coming Designers within this creative field, is going to be something i’ll be focussing on, further into the future. I’ve been pinning my favourite concepts for a while now, and my latest pin is what gave me the inspiration for this very post.

I came across a pin, that displayed a wearable technology item in video format. Once the short video came to an end, I found myself wanting to find out more, immediately. This item is something of a statement, fashionable quality, combined with an every day ‘scent’ solution! Intrigued? Then read on…

A product design student from Singapore, named Wei Kiat Law, was one of 2013’s Electrolux’s, Design Lab finalists. He came up with the clever creation of integrating refined technology and design to make OZ-1! To understand the OZ-1 a little better, just picture this scenario for a moment: It’s Monday, you’re feeling fresh (ish) from a lazy Sunday pamper evening, you’re at work and had the most productive morning. You planned your attire down to a T, due to the important meetings you have in the afternoon, then, BAM! It hits you. The stench of someone else’s cigarette smoke, on your lunch break, seeps into your freshly washed cashmere cardigan and you’re worried your not going to appear, or smell for that matter, quite the tip top way, you had envisioned!

Providing you’ve worn your OZ-1, over or under your collar, its combined functions of trapping chemicals, such as tar, (produced by a burning cigarette) and its air purifying technology, aka, using an ozone generator and HEPA filters…your favourite garments may have been saved, including the air you’ve been breathing in. Using aroma therapy, this divine little device also distresses your environment, enabling a more calmer and collected you!

If that hasn’t impressed you enough, here’s the bit I like! The OZ-1 design concept, shows that it is delicate enough to be hidden, yet features an unusual and unique outlook appearance, enabling that fabulous fashionista, to flaunt what some may think is a striking, statement accessory item! The user can also change up the look of the piece and give it a more personalised finish, by changing the cover design!

Ofcourse there are questions surrounding this design, including how much air it really filters, etc, however for a young student, with such innovative ideas, I’d say he’s come up with quite an impressive concept, and all these elements can be developed and refined, if he was to take this further. People like this, feed and inspire my creative mind, and I cannot wait to find more designers to feature and showcase, upon my blog!

i2style oz-1



If you’ve impressed by this idea, or know of another design concept that you think i’d like, please share in the comments below, or alternatively contact me via the links shown below!






My love for Wearable Technology

Pauline van dongen

i2style kovert

What I adore about the innovative, forward thinking, wearable technology industry, is that it’s giving Fashion purpose. One that’s other than just for aesthetical reasons. By 2018, the wearable technology market is supposed to be worth £4.9b in revenue, as opposed to the £1.6b, it saw in 2012. Get ready to get techy gals & guys!

Whilst interning at Grabble, I had the opportunity to attend FashTech, an event connecting Fashion and Technology Start-ups, held at London College of Fashion. To me, this unleashed an interest of mine, to a new level. The ambition and motivation, behind not only the Start-up founders eyes and voices, but also of the 350 attendees, was pretty inspiring.

I aided Grabble with networking and the promoting of the site, resulting in new contacts – in terms of users and Designers. All visitors who approached us, complimented the fresh concept the company had too, which, although my role was Intern based, still made me feel pretty proud to be a part of something that could have a very valuable, and unique reputation, in the future of online shopping/technology! (Go grabble gang!)

At the event I was able to see other creative technology concepts that I can see going far, when used and advertised in the most efficient way. One that particularly caught my eye was Bodi.Me, a virtual sizing website/technology enabling consumers to online shop in a much more concise way! During the event, Bodi.Me used a 3D scanner to get all your measurements, however in the comfort of your own home, Bodi.Me allows you to scan your full body, just by you standing in front of a webcam! The results display on the website and can be updated anytime. If like me, you’re sick of visiting one store for your top half and another for your bottom, due to sporting totally different sizes, or, it’s becoming inconvenient to be one size from one retailer and a completely different one from another, Bodi.Me gives you a great insight into the online shops you can buy from, using your exact body measurements, saving your time and money!

Since the event, I’ve been doing a little more research into the true concept of wearable technology and I must say, I am impressed with the finds and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this innovative industry! Online based companies, such as Intel, have worked in collaboration with some of these new concepts and innovators, discussing in visual video format, how wearable technology could affect their fields. After finding this, I have watched every clip and feel that the more awareness spread, like this, can only be a good thing in enabling more and more technology lovers and designers, to get even more creative!

I particularly admire what Designer, Pauline Van Dongen is doing with solar powered clothing. Pauline states “Wearable technology is able to connect different industries that were not connected before”, which is the greatest innovation right there! Fashion is the 2nd biggest polluter, so if the industry can turn that around to create garments in a more sustainable, yet visually appealing way…I think they’re onto a winner! Pauline implements solar powered technology into an item, which, if stood in the sunshine for up to two hours, can in turn charge your mobile phone from 0 to 100%! Impressive right?! See the video here, to see what you think about the idea!

There are so many more designers that I want to acknowledge and almost become a voice for, to spread awareness. As a result, I’d like to choose a favourite of mine every week, and give you lovely readers more of an insight into, not only wearable technology, but garments and accessories that ooze great aesthetically pleasing design. Watch this space style lovers!

If you’d like to see more of a fast and visual way of finding out the concepts and designs i’m loving right now, head over to my Pinterest Board, where I’ll be pinning my fave finds!

i2style wearable technology pinterest

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OOTD Zara Style!



I recently purchased some of the most simple, yet slick items from the Zara Sale! To my delight, the items I bought, were ones that I’d had my eye on for quite a while. So, as soon as that Zara Sale email came through, at MIDNIGHT…I was quick to scout out the last remaining sizes, (which I think was quite impressive, considering the whole night time, zombie eye combination)! To start, I chose this beautiful white dress, due to a number of reasons. Firstly, I hardly own any white, and since my hair got lighter, I decided my wardrobe staples should too! Also, the Wimbledon Fashion hype is still gracing us on the majority of online sites, so I thought to hell with it and decided to embrace the sports luxe vibe!

Now, let’s talk about the shoes! Oh my lordy. Ever since interviewing the ravishing Rosie Fortescue, from Made In Chelsea, I couldn’t stop thinking about THOSE shoes. She must have thought I was a slight odd ball, almost dribbling whilst staring down at her fabulous feet, haha! They’re strappy, gold and black delights, with a hidden comfort velcro feature, making them even more slick to slip on! I spotted these beauties months ago, even before my interview with Rosie, yet couldn’t really afford the price tag. So, yet again, when I saw they went on sale, they were the first item in my basket. And what a marvellous decision it was too! 😀

If you’ve bought any goodies from the Zara Sale, what did you get? Any bloggers blogged about it? I’d love to see! The Zara Sale is still on, so go, go, go! Get some goods before it’s too late. Big loves, Hollybobs x





Also, I got my hur dip dyed by a fantastic fellow, at the Hairspace in Box Park Shoreditch – They use Tigi – Bed Head. I highly recommend their services!

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Sam Faiers ‘La Bella’ Launch!

Holly i2style and Sam Faiers

Holly i2style and Sam Faiers

TOWIE star, Samantha Faiers‘ recent debut of ‘La Bella’, is already proving to be a huge hit. With it becoming number 1 celebrity fragrance launch of 2014, it has topped the likes of One Direction and Britney, in just 3 weeks! (Wowza!). One of the exceptionally exciting aspects to interning at Grabble, mean’t that attending events, press days and being in the know, in regards to the latest Fashion and Beauty news, were key to networking opportunities and exciting Blog content for them. As a result, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend some, with the Sam Faiers ‘La Bella’ launch, being one of my first!

I adore an ever growing fragrance collection, and I also love the ever so humble lady behind my new favourite! Samantha Faiers has been known for her elegant and eye-catching style, which is another reason why I’m a huge fan, but I’m also now very aware of her professional and sweet natured approach, to whatever she seems to puts her hand too! Whilst attending the ‘La Bella’ launch, I was able to speak with not only Sam’s PR team about the work that’s gone into the fragrance, but Sam herself! It’s reassuring to me and I’m sure many others, knowing that Sam was fully involved in every process of ‘La Bella’, and wasn’t just another Celeb to put her name on a product.

The fragrance itself is genuinely delicious! I was fortunate enough to be given a bottle as part of a thank you goodie bag, and I have been wearing it every day! The scent evokes a fresh balance of sweet and musky tones, with a very feminine approach to the overall composition and packaging. The bottle oozes glamour, and every element, from the font – to the pop of the lid, is elegantly done! To me, it’s also a fragrance that’s very versatile according to occasion, and could suit all ages, as I took ‘La Bella’ home to show my younger sister and mother, and they both loved it!

Have you tried ‘La Bella’ yet? If so, do let me know you’re thoughts! It’s available to purchase from The Fragrance Shop online and in stores. Congrats Sam and what a beautiful launch! See below for more images and links.




i2style sam faiers

I’d like to say a big thank you again to the Grabble team, for enabling me to attend such exciting and insightful events and press days, they really do play an important role in expanding brand awareness, and filling my fashion and beauty loving brain, with even more joy!

Big loves x

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WIWW | Wimbledon Style

i2style wimbledon

i2style wimbledon

If you’ve been following my latest style collections on Grabble, you will notice my most recent one showcases items I would wear to Wimbledon! With the games kicking off this week, and a huge hype from most retailers regarding inspirational looks, I decided to share with you, my most favourite grabs, from a number of affordable brands!

The Fashion at Wimbledon seems to develop year by year, with each one evolving into something that eludes a little sports luxe feel, combined with a feminine edge. Now, I may not be the biggest sporting fan, but I do understand the concept behind accessorising, according to sporting equipment, and so on!…#sorrynotsorry. *Chuckle*.

Styling up items such as these (see image above), can be as simple, or as complicated and colourful as you wish them to be. For me, I like to keep things simple, with the strike to the eye coming from a statement piece. In this instance, the necklace. This beautiful piece from Warehouse  is not only a delightfully delicate design, but an affordable one too! Priced at just £20, this stunning necklace is the perfect piece when pairing with a more subtle and toned down outfit.

Are you attending Wimbledon this year? Perhaps you’re getting together with friends to watch the games and get dressed up! Whatever the occasion, I’d love to know what your favourite picks are. Show me on Grabble by creating a collection!

Please see further details of other items below, including prices and further retailer info.

Big loves, Hollybobs x

Transparent Clutch | Asos

White Midi Skirt | Lavish Alice

Bell Sleeved Top | The White Pepper

Sandals | Debenhams