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When a good piece of jewellery catches my eye, it has a delicate yet statement quality about it – a piece that can be worn from day to night, with a little helping hand from an outfit switch up. I’ve been after a few new pieces for a while now, yet nothing grabbed me as much as these two.

I’ve lusted over jewellery designs from the likes of Lily-Kamper and such, predominantly over the perfect cyber world some call Pinterest, yet nothing I had seen in a while, which was in my price range (aka high street or nothing), seemed quirky enough. Then on a fantastic weekend to London with my girls, as Topshop as the first pit stop from Oxford Street tube station, an array or jewellery such as this screamed at me at first glance. (It was love).

The marble details within the design, combined with its unusual shape and simplistic choker all work harmoniously…and I’m thinking how I can harmonise it with that wardrobe of mine :p. With jewellery like that, I think it’s important to remember that less is more’. I’ve already worn this piece to work over buttoned up black and white shirts, with crop tops and long skirts in the evenings and even over jumpers. It’s an item I know I can wear time and time again, season upon season. And for just under £15 – I think I found a right gem. (ha ‘gem’ lol).

i2style jewellery


My next item, is something I’d been wanting to get my hands on for ages, however went back and forth continually, contemplating whether something like this would suit me and if it would be appropriate to pair with my everyday looks. The only way to find out, was to bite the bullet and just buy one. So, Asos – the heaven of online shopping, came through again, with this little beauty.

Now, I must say, it was a difficult choice, as Asos have SO many to choose from, but I wanted to try something more diddy and delicate, so for under a tenner, this piece was purchased. It did take me a while to get the hang of how it actually fit on my head, as I kept letting go of the chains when gripping them in place, but I soon learn’t and absolutely adore it!



I can’t wait to wear it on a night out soon. Have you got any new statement jewellery that you know you’ll be wearing time and time again? I’d love to know! Big loves, Holly x

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Style Q&A with MIC star Jamie Laing!

Holly Jones i2style with jamie laing

Holly Jones i2style with Jamie Laing

This time last week, I had the privilege of interviewing the ever so charming, Mr Jamie Laing. Made in Chelsea star & owner of Candy Kittens, Jamie sure is one busy bee! His appearance at Touchwood, Solihull, for the exclusive stylish student evening, of course, meant signings, selfies and style talk! I was able to interview Jamie, in a little Q&A – in between fan mobbing :p, so if you’re interested in what he had to say in regards to fashion, his candy kitten sweets & more, then see the footage below! – P.s I’d turn your volume up and be prepared for a rather speedy/manic interview!


Let me know who your style icon is at the moment. If you went to the evening at Touchwood, did you get snapped with Jamie? Keep an eye out for the latest news and offers from Touchwood and begin to get excited about the commencing Candy Kitten adventures!

Also, thank you to McCann PR team & Touchwood for giving me this opportunity. x

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My love for Wearable Technology

Pauline van dongen

i2style kovert

What I adore about the innovative, forward thinking, wearable technology industry, is that it’s giving Fashion purpose. One that’s other than just for aesthetical reasons. By 2018, the wearable technology market is supposed to be worth £4.9b in revenue, as opposed to the £1.6b, it saw in 2012. Get ready to get techy gals & guys!

Whilst interning at Grabble, I had the opportunity to attend FashTech, an event connecting Fashion and Technology Start-ups, held at London College of Fashion. To me, this unleashed an interest of mine, to a new level. The ambition and motivation, behind not only the Start-up founders eyes and voices, but also of the 350 attendees, was pretty inspiring.

I aided Grabble with networking and the promoting of the site, resulting in new contacts – in terms of users and Designers. All visitors who approached us, complimented the fresh concept the company had too, which, although my role was Intern based, still made me feel pretty proud to be a part of something that could have a very valuable, and unique reputation, in the future of online shopping/technology! (Go grabble gang!)

At the event I was able to see other creative technology concepts that I can see going far, when used and advertised in the most efficient way. One that particularly caught my eye was Bodi.Me, a virtual sizing website/technology enabling consumers to online shop in a much more concise way! During the event, Bodi.Me used a 3D scanner to get all your measurements, however in the comfort of your own home, Bodi.Me allows you to scan your full body, just by you standing in front of a webcam! The results display on the website and can be updated anytime. If like me, you’re sick of visiting one store for your top half and another for your bottom, due to sporting totally different sizes, or, it’s becoming inconvenient to be one size from one retailer and a completely different one from another, Bodi.Me gives you a great insight into the online shops you can buy from, using your exact body measurements, saving your time and money!

Since the event, I’ve been doing a little more research into the true concept of wearable technology and I must say, I am impressed with the finds and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this innovative industry! Online based companies, such as Intel, have worked in collaboration with some of these new concepts and innovators, discussing in visual video format, how wearable technology could affect their fields. After finding this, I have watched every clip and feel that the more awareness spread, like this, can only be a good thing in enabling more and more technology lovers and designers, to get even more creative!

I particularly admire what Designer, Pauline Van Dongen is doing with solar powered clothing. Pauline states “Wearable technology is able to connect different industries that were not connected before”, which is the greatest innovation right there! Fashion is the 2nd biggest polluter, so if the industry can turn that around to create garments in a more sustainable, yet visually appealing way…I think they’re onto a winner! Pauline implements solar powered technology into an item, which, if stood in the sunshine for up to two hours, can in turn charge your mobile phone from 0 to 100%! Impressive right?! See the video here, to see what you think about the idea!

There are so many more designers that I want to acknowledge and almost become a voice for, to spread awareness. As a result, I’d like to choose a favourite of mine every week, and give you lovely readers more of an insight into, not only wearable technology, but garments and accessories that ooze great aesthetically pleasing design. Watch this space style lovers!

If you’d like to see more of a fast and visual way of finding out the concepts and designs i’m loving right now, head over to my Pinterest Board, where I’ll be pinning my fave finds!

i2style wearable technology pinterest

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Sam Faiers ‘La Bella’ Launch!

Holly i2style and Sam Faiers

Holly i2style and Sam Faiers

TOWIE star, Samantha Faiers‘ recent debut of ‘La Bella’, is already proving to be a huge hit. With it becoming number 1 celebrity fragrance launch of 2014, it has topped the likes of One Direction and Britney, in just 3 weeks! (Wowza!). One of the exceptionally exciting aspects to interning at Grabble, mean’t that attending events, press days and being in the know, in regards to the latest Fashion and Beauty news, were key to networking opportunities and exciting Blog content for them. As a result, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend some, with the Sam Faiers ‘La Bella’ launch, being one of my first!

I adore an ever growing fragrance collection, and I also love the ever so humble lady behind my new favourite! Samantha Faiers has been known for her elegant and eye-catching style, which is another reason why I’m a huge fan, but I’m also now very aware of her professional and sweet natured approach, to whatever she seems to puts her hand too! Whilst attending the ‘La Bella’ launch, I was able to speak with not only Sam’s PR team about the work that’s gone into the fragrance, but Sam herself! It’s reassuring to me and I’m sure many others, knowing that Sam was fully involved in every process of ‘La Bella’, and wasn’t just another Celeb to put her name on a product.

The fragrance itself is genuinely delicious! I was fortunate enough to be given a bottle as part of a thank you goodie bag, and I have been wearing it every day! The scent evokes a fresh balance of sweet and musky tones, with a very feminine approach to the overall composition and packaging. The bottle oozes glamour, and every element, from the font – to the pop of the lid, is elegantly done! To me, it’s also a fragrance that’s very versatile according to occasion, and could suit all ages, as I took ‘La Bella’ home to show my younger sister and mother, and they both loved it!

Have you tried ‘La Bella’ yet? If so, do let me know you’re thoughts! It’s available to purchase from The Fragrance Shop online and in stores. Congrats Sam and what a beautiful launch! See below for more images and links.




i2style sam faiers

I’d like to say a big thank you again to the Grabble team, for enabling me to attend such exciting and insightful events and press days, they really do play an important role in expanding brand awareness, and filling my fashion and beauty loving brain, with even more joy!

Big loves x

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Bloggers Love Fashion week | No.1 Leicester Square




Hello beauties! How are we?

I wanted to write this post to let you know about a blogging event I attended in London, Leicester Square…No.1 to be precise! The incredible Danielle from Bloggers Love (check out @Bloggers_Love on Twitter), hosts and organises events every month, and last month was a very exciting one. The first ever Bloggers Fashion Week came to London, accompanied by some spectacular Beauty & Fashion Brands.

I only managed to get down to London for one of the days, which was the last one and from what I could gather, was the most Beauty orientated day, which being a Fashion & Beauty lover, suited me down to the ground. Some of these oh so talented Beauty Brands that showcased their latest ranges, skills and creative work included The Parlour, Umberto Giannini & HiBrow!

I met some fabulous ladies with terrific Style and Beauty advice and I felt rather privileged to be a part of such a buzzing and refreshing atmosphere. I went to the event with fellow Blogger Sophie, from Eskay Beauty. We also vlogged the event, as we both have new Youtube Channels, so if you’d like to go and check them out, please do! (My channel is hollysi2style, if you didn’t know already)!

My favourite part of the event was getting glittered up by the lovely ladies from The Palour! They focus on glitter Art, if you will, and they sure did make a statement with all that sparkle! I chose to go for a slightly gum metal piece, to match my monotoned, greyish outfit, and was very pleased with the result…I even went to Bella Italia sporting the fine glittered look, post event! :D. There was also a Catwalk show, Photo Booth with Motilo and photos on Marshmallows by Boomf! What more could you wish for, for a fun filled time with fellow Bloggers.

Sophie, from Eskay Beauty also had the opportunity to try out a new sensational way of gaining back a natural eyebrow, if you’re an over plucker’er or just suffer from the case of a patchy eyebrow. The talented lady demonstrating this used eyebrow extensions, and they were incredible! I helped sophie film some of the work she was carrying out on her brows and I must say, they looked mighty fine!

I met some terrific ladies that night and got to have a good chin wag with Bloggers who I’ve been meaning to do so with, for a good while now! Those included AJ O’dudu, Beth & Katie! (Click the names to link to their Blogs). I hope to bump into them again very soon.

I’d like to say a huge thank you and well done to Bloggers Love, for putting on a fantastic array of events so far! I can’t wait to attend more of them in the commencing future. Please see the images below for my OOTD and snaps from the event.

Big Loves,

Hollybobs x