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Experts like Robert Emmons, argues that gratitude has two key components.

  1. “It’s an affirmation of goodness. We affirm that there are good things in the world, gifts and benefits we’ve received.”
  2.  “We recognise that the sources of this goodness are outside of ourselves…We acknowledge that other people—or even higher powers, if you’re of a spiritual mindset—gave us many gifts, big and small, to help us achieve the goodness in our lives.”

For me, gratitude starts with a shift of mindset.

At times, the world can be depicted as a rather negative place, thanks to the wide broadcast of media and recent events. And, as a result, I find that it can sometimes be difficult to reign in and remember the good in our day to day lives. No matter how small or big they may be. I feel this is where acknowledgement is key. Of course, I’m not saying that we should turn a blind eye to the negatives that are going on. I think we can actually use these to switch our mindsets to be able to acknowledge the good and begin our journey of gratitude.

I’ve found that tough times are what have actually pushed me to find the good; and I guess is why i’m writing this post today.

Throughout many of life’s learnings and lessons, I’m now at a point where my health, wellbeing and persona should shine bright, even if that’s just through my own eyes. One of the most important teaching’s I learn’t from my own family growing up, is that the people who surround you come with a green, yellow and red light. And, as a family, for us to be able to achieve the above, we’ve learn’t that we must move ourselves to be around the people of ‘green’. Green people are quite self explanatory. I see them as almost being able to feed your soul, organically. They’re happy for you, encourage you and support you. And in return, these are the people we want to equally do the same for. I guess other people may call these people your besties / loved ones. But, no matter what’s going on in your life, no matter how little, or often you have seen them, they’re always there. The ‘yellows’ and ‘red’s however, can be the people we learn from and aim to steer clear of. They will most likely not do the above, and instead almost ‘rinse’ your energy.

I’ve been able to learn from all three types of these people. I now know who is good for me, and these are the people I aim to show gratitude towards. I was recently sitting in my new work place, who are also great believer’s in the world of good energy and gratitude, and through a group meditation ‘silence’ session, I found my mind begin to wonder away from my usual work type thoughts, focus on slowing down my breathing and actually sat and thought about exactly what I was grateful for, with each person surrounding me in the room. I acknowledged their skills, kindness and supportiveness, and came out of the session feeling happy, well and refreshed. As cheesy as it sounds, the more you grow with age, the wiser you become about who is good for your soul, and I finally feel like i’m finding those ‘people’. Of course, this goes for friends and family outside the workplace too, but in that very moment, I thought about how lucky I was to be there. I recently found a phrase that I shared on my personal social media page and thought it was rather relevant to share here too:

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower”.

Not to steer away from the concept of gratitude, but I thought about how important these words were. Many people go through life thinking and being told that ‘they’ are the problem. But, take them out of the environment they’re clearly not growing in, and watch them bloom! I’ve been able to take myself out of certain situations and environments, and would like to think i’ve proven this statement true. As a little inspirational guidance, whatever feeds you as a person, should be what you head towards – even if you have no idea of the outcome. Trust your instinct and go with it! Along my own journey, what I know is going to help me even further, is to practice gratitude like no other. I want to begin writing around 5 things down every day that i’m grateful for, so on those slightly ‘off days’ where our minds can get filled with a little darkness, I’m able to visually see what I have good in my life and hopefully reground myself and shift back my mindset.


Will you do this with me? Let’s start with today:

I am grateful for the fresh and delicious coconut I was able to drink from this morning, to re-hydrate me.

I am grateful for the loved ones that have surrounded me over the weekend, who I no longer get to see as often as I would like.

I am grateful for the fact that I am writing this in my warm and cosy bed, whilst it’s thundering and lightening outside (pathetic fallacy or what?!)

I am grateful for the sunshine I was able to witness today (before the rain haha). My skin is in need of some major vitamin D right now.

I am grateful for the man who taught me a little more about channeling ‘reiki stones’ and instantly felt good energy from him.

What are you grateful for, and how do you practice gratitude? The benefits of it in the long run are second to non. And I’m looking forward to experiencing them! Let’s start today and learn a little more about ourselves :).

Love, H x

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This is my great escape



The beginning of 2015 has been a surreal one. Just 20 days in and I have experienced both highs and lows. With a plan to balance it out a little, my aim is to make sure the rest of the year is focussed upon experiencing the calm in life…rather than the qualms. I hadn’t been on a spontaneous adventure for a long time and last weekend just seemed the perfect opportunity to plan one!

After a few texts back and forth with my blogging bestie Sophie, the adventure had begun! Sophie offered to pick me up in the early hours of Sunday morning with the aim of driving to a near by (ish) beach. We had a few options in mind, however being from the Midlands, there isn’t anywhere that close. Consequently, having a true YOLO moment, we quickly came to the conclusion that our hours worth of conversations about going to Brighton, should be put into action. So, that was that.

The drive in itself took just under 3 hours from where we live. This actually gave me and Sophie the opportunity to really catch up on all life had thrown at us lately, and excitedly made plans to begin turning it all around. Our positive mind frames were really aided by the joys of some pretty appropriate tunage! We sang, we laughed, we lived. And then we arrived!

Pulling into Brighton gave me the first good butterfly feeling i’d experienced in a while and just couldn’t wait to park up! After gasping at the rather extortionate parking rate, we shook it off (coincidently whilst we listened to Miss Taylor Swift, ha), and made our way to the Sea front! We strolled through the famous Lanes, oo’d and ahh’d at the cute little cafes and soon became in awe of what was in front of us.

Breathing in the Sea air and just looking out onto the waves, instantly made me feel at ease. For me, the Sea is a natural pick me up, which always seems to lifts my spirits. After taking it all in, we took some much needed memory snaps and walked along the Pier. With the fast approaching smell of hot doughnuts and crepes, we thought it would be rude not to indulge. So, after a quick sugar kick, we felt energised enough to go back to our childhoods and let loose in the Arcade, where we had some hilarious dance mat moments! (Lets just say I wasn’t happy about my chosen footwear that day). LOL.

Considering i’d never visited Brighton before, I felt at home. The day bought all the good feels and was ended with a beautiful Italian meal. Walking along the Beach also made me feel grounded, and I began to really appreciate the talents of other people. The art, the crafts and everything that was being sold around the area, seemed humble and true to their creative processes. Which to me, was quite refreshing to say the least.

Despite only visiting for the day, it had put me in a great frame of mind for the commencing week and plan on going on another adventure very soon! Even Sophie said it had been the best day of 2015 so far, so here’s to the rest of it! Roll the snaps:










This was my great escape.

New Youtube Video – ‘The British Tag

The british tag i2style

The British Tag

Hello style lovelies! I hope you’re all well and have been enjoying the past few posts, regarding wearable technology! Today I wanted to share something a little bit different and show you my latest Youtube video – ‘The British Tag’. As seen on, and created by the oh so wonderful Sammi, aka Beauty Crush, I decided to give it a go, to get back into the swing of a sit down, talky type video…as lets face it, it’s been a while since I’ve done one, due to my recent interning adventures etc.

So without further or do, please see the video posted below and if you like these chatty Q&A videos/tags, then please give it a huge thumbs up, or a comment, and if you’re feeling super uber nice, maybe you’d like to subscribe! After all, you will be the first to know about any newbies I may be posting, in the very near future.

Big loves and smiles as always, Hollybobs x

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Start off the day with the help of healthy eating!



Well, this is a rather different type of post isn’t it! I’ve decided to slot in a little bit about a few changes that are happening in my life…more so to do with my tummy life than anything else really! So, let me begin by telling you about a few factors thats made me think differently towards my health and food itself!

For years I have suffered with a tremendous amount of stomach pain, which started very high up towards my nervous system and carried through right round to my back. This pain lasted hours and frankly, I was very fed up! I’ve had to take time out of my education life as well as work days because of it…however after years of Doctors & Hospital trips, we think we have found the reason behind it all!

For years I was being told that it was most likely the oh so common IBS, however the pains linked with IBS, didn’t match up to the ones I was having, a long with a few more factors that just didn’t make sense. So, over the years I began to acknowledge what I was eating and if it linked with when I got the pain, which I did, as well as when I was in stressful situations. So stress is proven to be a factor towards my symptoms, as well as certain foods.

I find that if i’ve eaten lots of stodgy and carby food over a period of a week, my stomach bloats, I get headaches and the pain can get excruciating! As a result it was finally time that I had that all important Coeliac test, which is a test for people who have an auto immune/gluten intolerance disease. I have read, and was told that a lot of the times the tests can come back in conclusive, which is frustrating, as mine did just that :(. I felt that I wasn’t offered much help since then and it was almost as if my doctors just went back to the drawing board with this one and didn’t take much notice, although they did think this is the most likely factor of my pains. I have found out since then, that if you haven’t eaten a good dose and a solid amount of Gluten food at least 6 weeks before your tests then many can come back negative, so I’m almost certain that this is could be the reason for why mine have come back this way.

I think this because I have decided to take it upon myself to just try out, for a few weeks, how my body reacts to gluten free food, as last week was one of my worst yet in terms of pain from the food I was eating, even though I do try to eat a varied and healthy diet, so I’ve always been a bit confused! Consequently, I took that all important first step to research different types of gluten free food that are available on the market and what I can and cannot eat. And, after just 4 days, my stomach has never felt so calm! Its crazy that with just a little change in diet, you can feel alive again!

I previously blamed my headaches and other symptoms on tiredness, however from eating the right foods, I feel awake, more motivated and I can finally live my days tummy pain free, hoorahhh, or what I’ve found so far! So, what have I been eating you say?…quite yummy things to be honest! Eating a gluten free diet is really all about eating fresh food in its most truest form. This means lots of fruit, lots of veg, fresh meats and more! For breakfast, my usual daily ritual would be either a plate of beans on toast (which both contain gluten), or cereals! Now, after some simple research, I have changed to eating natural yoghurt, agar honey, with fresh fruit and gluten free granola, which is actually very satisfying, tasty and gives me a more up beat and energised feeling in the mornings, instead of feeling full of stodge!

For lunches and dinners I can eat baked potatoes, chicken, (or other similar untouched meats), with salad, gluten free pasta/pittas and more. I’m so pleased with the way things are going already and it’s something that I am definitely going to try and keep up. I am going to go back to my doctors too, to see if there is further testing that I should have to determine if I do have coeliac disease or my body just has an intolerance to gluten, as well as what they make of my new tried diet. (Although it’s really is just a diet filled with healthy food) – I’m also allowing myself lots of cheeky treats and snacks too, just the right ones ;).

Have you had any similar symptoms or have been diagnosed with something like coeliac disease? Apparently 1 in 100 people have it! I hope everyone’s feeling happy and healthy and is enjoying their week. Will get back to the Fashion posts very soon :p


Holly’s weekly happenings…Intro post!

img_3910 Holly's weekly happenings intro

Last night (Sunday 20th October 2013), I endured a night that was filled with nostalgic, intriguing and rather odd dreams. Dreams that showcased certain areas of my past and elements of my life, that is now, just a distant memory. Times that included moments at my old Schools, times with old friendship groups throughout college etc & recollections of past events and outings that have made me grow into the person I am today. It isn’t the first night that I’ve had these sorts of dreams, infact I’ve been having them for a while now and every now and again I experience almost a flashback of a particular moment in my life. I think I’m having these sorts of dreams because I’m in an almost ‘transitional time’ within my life! Due to my age, changing situations in my work and home life and genuinely developing within day to day situations. Deep ey!

For me, these dreams can be something that comforts me from the moment I wake up, where I feel a huge sense of warm nostalgia, or I find myself reflecting on why certain things happened the way they did…but I always have a positive outlook, straight after, that everything happens for a reason, and for the better. Every incidence (I believe) in our lives makes us learn, grow and develop into the people we become later on. And, in a very positive light, this also gives me a great sense of comfort and self worth, because I know I’m constantly developing into a more and more wiser and for me, a happier woman, all because of these life experiences, (no matter how small they may be)!

The meaning behind the intro to this post, is that because of these dreams, I have had one of those lightbulb moments! I would like to include and introduce to this blog, ‘Holly’s weekly happenings’! I want to do this because I want to continue to see how life may make me grow & adapt within different situations & circumstances and also to see how far things may change week to week etc.. It’s an opportunity where I can document the most simplest moments in my life, that are perhaps more meaningful than we may originally perceive them to be. I’m a firm believer of growing as a person, (as you can probably tell by now) & because of the above types of dreams, it has made me think that if I should ever forget these types moments, they would always be jotted down within this Blog. :)

As I’m a huge lover of Style & Fashion and this is what this blog is predominantly about, I will still keep the focus upon these types of creative moments within my weeks more so than the more personal and non fashion/lifestyle ones. I may have felt that I have developed a skill or got a little more creative than I have done so before, for example, so this is the type of thang that I shall be including. I’ll also try & include anything that makes me feel that ‘nostalgic’ and heart warming feeling, that objects, food, or just a new snazzy products can do!

I do apologise for this rather rambly and lengthy introduction, but I wanted the readers of my blog to see that I’m not going off on a weekly tangent for no reason, (instead of just doing my usual standard style posts) :), it’s purely an addition to it, and in some ways it may make you readers get to know me a little better! I love reading what my favourite bloggers have been up to and what adventures they’ve been on that week/month and how it’s actually lead them to further positive opportunities, so maybe you may like to do the same!?

I don’t aim to post every week, just when I feel is right and meaningful :).

The following post will be my weekly happenings from last week. Big loves! x weekly happenings

| 1st images shown was taken of me in Cornwall May 2013 | I <3 it |