AW14 Date Night Lust List!


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Hello style lovers! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend so far.

With the weather transitioning from rays to rain, this season doesn’t have to be dull and dreary, like some people may associate with September onwards, especially within the wardrobe department! For me, this season is all about sparkle, snuggles and sass! With the exciting lead up to events such as Bonfire night, Christmas and New Year, one popular occasion I often think is perfect to plan around this time of year, is date night!

For us long term relationshipers’ – ‘date night’ occurs on the rather rare occasion, and for those newbie couples, it can’t happen enough! Either way, whoever you are (even if you’re an independent woman & fancy some new outfit inspiration for your night out with the gals), I have the cutest date night lust list, right here, on i2style! I recently participated in a fashion blogger photoshoot for a fab company called Gemini…and let me tell you, there was some serious lusting going on behind those rails! Both their online site and stunning store, located in the sophisticated little town of Stratford Upon Avon, is home to a number of wearable and on trend brands. Ones such as French Connection, Sandwich Clothing, Hobbs and more, it really is a place for everyone!

After our divine day at the shoot, (photos to follow soon), I decided to have a real good look at some of the items, I may have missed in store, by going online. After looking through just a few of the brands they stock, I was already finding myself creating an imaginary lust list, and thought the items would be perfect for a date, day or night! As a result I thought what better way of expressing my love for some of the garments, than with this very blog post, so you all can too, get a little outfit inspo.

I chose to share these more softer, cool toned pastel items, due to their feminine prints, cuts and over all look. They would all work well together, with the added option of a pair of tights or leggings, if the frost decided to bite more than we’d perhaps like! The boots seemed to give the outfit a subtle, yet sexy, statement look too – without over powering it.

Let me know your thoughts on the items shown above, and what your favourite items are from the site. Perhaps you could create your own lust list too, and don’t forget to send me and Gemini the link, as we’d love to see!

Big loves, as always, Hollybobs x

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My luxury Christmas lust list!


i2style luxury lust list

Today, I have been browsing through some of my favourite blogs and one that always catches my attention is Ella’s; who runs the blog – Coco’s Tea Party. As I was scrolling down her page, I was quickly drawn to the Net-A-Porter Advert, displayed in her sidebar. Usually, I am so pre-occupied with the Bloggers content, that I don’t necessarily take much notice of the ads surrounding the pages. However, today was different. I have always lusted over some of Net-A-Porters luxury items and the advert that was linked to Ella’s Blog jumped out at me more than ever. The image is beautifully shot, dynamic and oozes sophistication, style and sass! Which to me, includes all the important components of putting together a successful and meaningful ad! It sure caught my eye anyway.

Consequently, I clicked the link and found myself being drawn in by the stunning sparkle shots that scattered the pages! I haven’t looked at this website in a while, so I was certainly giving it a good browse through and instantly began to create an imaginary wish list, (if I was to afford such beautiful items as these)! The likes of Gucci, Erickson Beamon and Lanvin have only existed in my dreams, but one day, with a lot of hard work and savings, maybe the style lover within me will be truly treated! (Pah, she says :p).

So, seeing as Christmas is only round the corner & we are beginning to reveal and plan are celebratory occasions, I have decided to create my perfect luxury Christmas lust list, in conjunction with an evening wear outfit, using the items and designers shown on the Net-A-Porter website. The outfit I have put together is chic, sexy yet classic! I would wear this on an evening out somewhere on Christmas Eve with my boyfriend and friends at a sassy restaurant or cocktail bar. See the info below to see which designers have caught my eye and how much each item is in regards to the image above! I’m so in love…

i2style luxury lust list

Bustier | Kiki De Montparnasse | £605 |

Skirt | Gucci | £5,360 |

Jacket | Balmain | £3,775 |

Earrings | Erickson Beamon | £280 |

Clutch | Charlotte Olympia | £595 |

Heels | Christian Louboutin | £395 |

Have you created a Christmas lust list? If so, what items have caught your eye! If you fancy more of a dribble of the items on the Net-A-Porter online site, just visit Big loves x