Time to begin a new adventure

So, if you’ve seen some of my tweets lately, you will know that I am beginning a new adventure, down in Landan Taaa’wn. I am starting/interning at a new online Fashion based company, and I am ready to WERK, with a capital W, *clicks*! I’ve been very excited about the opportunity, and of course, me being me, a little apprehensive! However, I have prepped and planned all I can and secured a lovely room in a fabulous house share, in the East End, which is so reassuring, so I am one happy bunny.

I will be vlogging and blogging my outfits and attempting to style up new hunted down items, as i’m sure I will be on the scout for some newbies! I’m rather looking forward to new locations, backdrops and exploring new places to visit, in terms of Galleries, restaurants and more scenic venues, where I can chill and take some much needed time to reflect and refresh!

The good ol’ Mother Goose also took a trip down with me to make sure that I was settled ok with my route and my new crib, which I am very thankful for :). The only aspect that i’ve been slightly stressing about, was that I had a nasty case of food poisoning on the friday night, before I came down for the weekend, thanks to an un-cooked curry, from what is normally, my favourite curry house! big boooo! As a result, I felt horrendous, with added doses of weakness and loss of appetite, which is not what you want when moving cities. Luckily, however, I’m feeling better (thank the lord) – less than 24 hrs before I begin work, so I’m hoping I encountered a smaller case of it, despite how vile the episode was!

It was strange leaving my old job, literally 2 days before this new adventure in London, and almost hasn’t sunk in yet! However Pinocchio’s ‘When you wish upon a star’ came on whilst I worked my last shift, and felt all the feels! But as they say, onwards and upwards! I learn’t a lot at my old job, and am ready to learn lots more with this new venture, so I’ve made sure I have a very positive mindset, going forward.

I hope everyone’s enjoyed their weekend and if you’re up to anything new, let me know! Have you started any new adventures moving cities too, and can anyone recommend any brilliant places for me to visit in the East End?

Time for bed I think, big day tomorrow!

Big loves, always…Hollybobs x




  1. Katie June 8, 2014 / 9:50 pm

    best of luck in your new job sweetie, I know you’re going to kill it! I’m always in East LDN and know a million and one places, we should catch that long-awaited drink some time!

    Katie xo

    • Holly June 8, 2014 / 9:58 pm

      Aww thank you my love! I’m actually doing an Internship (should have specified! haha) – but in the hope of securing a job in the near future this end of the City! Sounds fab, yes we must meet for a drink! DM me your number and we’ll get arranging! xxx

  2. Katie June 10, 2014 / 11:11 am

    You’ll be absolutely fine! Looking forward to seeing you at some point too. Let me know when you’re free!

    Katie <3

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