We’re saying a huge happy 25th Anniversary to the world wide web!

Happy 25th Anniversary to what we call, the world wide web! Where would we be without it, ay? It has transformed, enhanced and evolved the way in which we educate, the way we work and the way in which most of us spend our spare time! I wanted to touch on this phenomenon within today’s blog post, due to the way I feel it has affected me, throughout my life, growing up. After all, it’s even older than me!

I feel the internet has enabled me to evolve so much, throughout my life, and in one area in particular that I feel tremendously passionate about, has been within my creativity! Being one of the ‘Arty, Farty’ kind, I love a good ol’ trip to a Gallery any day, yet in terms of gaining necessary inspiration, whether it be needed for educational purposes, or just a personal reason, it is so much more accessible now! We don’t even have to leave the house, if we don’t want to! For example, the wonders of Pinterest is a favourite of mine. If i’m ever stuck on interior, fashion, or beauty (you name it), inspo, then I know i’ll have some gained within the space of just a few minutes…with the more than likely accompaniment of a towel on my head. Haha!

This leads me on to talk about the time in which we are able to access, complete and learn something. I remember throughout my School, College and even University days, researching was one of my favourite elements to the ‘Design’ or ‘Styling process’, and for me, actually became a joy! I found myself managing to find out so much more about a subject, that, in turn, pushed me to develop my skills or knowledge even further, which I’m pretty sure is what aided towards me gaining that 1st in my Degree! I also spent hours, searching and trailing through books within my local Library’s, (which I happily did), yet, I found myself being able to complete something ten times faster than I would ever do so within such places, just by logging onto the internet. Which I think is breathtaking and in turn, meant that I could have a lot more free time after completing work.

The majority of the world has developed so quickly, due to this incredible wonder, we call, the world wide web, it’s everywhere! And, we have one main Man to thank for that. On March 12th, 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, made all the above possible and more! Without it, you wouldn’t even be reading this Blog post right now. I happily find myself spending hours a day and mostly at night time, reading and watching online material, in which I can not only relax and zone out too, but I can zone in and ‘hone’ into, in terms of developing and enhancing certain skills, whether they be work, hobby or personal related. The internet just enables me to explore my passions in a way that some would never have been able to dream of, such as our Grandparents, and even some of our Parents! It’s amazing when you think about it, isn’t it? I’ve even been able to reach out to family members who live over in Brazil because of it, thanks to the likes of Facebook etc, and also ‘FaceTime’ my friends when they are no longer round the corner from me, or even if they are, I can say a quick hello in a click of a button!

Therefore, today is a day of thankful thoughts and positive recognitions, towards this magical and calculated creation! Ofcourse, there are many negatives in reference to the web, however today I’ve wanted to touch on the advantages and how much it has made me so much more of a better being! When the internet is being used in the upmost correct and wise way, I believe the world can become a much better place too. For example, there are hundreds of Charities and forums that people can reach out too in times of need. There are experts out there giving out advice and life lessons, that could enable someone to head down the correct career or life path, and there’s a place where many of the same, like minded people can get together to talk about their similar ambitions, passions and hobbies, which I think is a fantastic way of bringing people together and out of their shells. I know that’s what I found anyway.

Ofcourse, the above is only my opinion, yet I really feel strongly in the way the internet has been able to help and even craft the person I have become! I hope that i’m able to be a part of this world for many years to come, especially throughout my future career and in the way I am able to learn about the world :D. I’m also looking forward to seeing the world develop even more so, in terms of technology, medicine and research towards things that we may never have known about before.

I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful day so far, do let me know what you are thankful for in regards to this magical internet land, and remember that there still is a real world out there, that we must still explore! On that note, I’m going for a walk with the pooch :).

Big loves, Hollybobs x

Above images are sourced via Pinterest, see below to take you to it’s original links:

http://gb.pinterest.com/pin/160370436703737199/ & http://gb.pinterest.com/pin/108508672242969234/

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